Introducing RIVA New York

By Chloe Tribe
MARCH 8TH, 2021

     Hello! We are Riva New York! Welcome to our blog where you can find all things RIVA. We are a sustainable jewelry brand based in Brooklyn, NY working to promote small businesses and ethical jewelry making. We design jewelry with personalization in mind so you can find a piece to express yourself no matter your style.

     Our journey began at the start of the first covid quarantine in New York City. Our parent company, RIVA Precision (a manufacturing facility for high end jewelry designers) temporarily shut down its operations for the first time in over 33 years. This left our CEO Ted with much time on his hands and many decisions to make. After personally cleaning the factory top to bottom, he decided to spend his time bringing his own designs to the general public for the first time. Coupling his creativity and manufacturing skills with his daughter’s social media experience, he started posting about his first “invention”: the invisible clasp. From this, RIVA NewYork was born.

     Since then, we’ve expanded and continue to expand our offering with sustainable practices in mind. Our greatest advantage is the access we have to an in-house manufacturing facility. The close relationship with our manufacturing process (just down the hall) allows us to ensure all products meet the standards of quality and ethics we set for ourselves. 

Invisible Clasp
Chloe Tribe 

     As for our blog, we plan to have a healthy mix of content from jewelry manufacturing, style guides, and exposing unethical jewelry practices/what you can do to make a difference. If there’s any other content you’d be interested in, or if you’re a small designer that would like to partner with us for a style guide, just shoot us an email!

Rebecca Doudak

     Although RIVA Precision has been in the jewelry industry for decades, website design, social media, and selling to consumers is a new endeavor! The show is run by the three of us: Chloe brings the spunk, Xavier brings the precision and Rebecca does it all. We may be small, but we have a lot of spirit and dedication behind us. It is very exciting to watch our brand grow, and we are so happy that you can be a part of it. Reach out anytime if you have ideas or suggestions for anything. We’re all ears!

Xavier Messado

     We are most excited about our highly personalizable Expression Collection. The Wall Street chain (offered in different lengths and metals) is finished with an invisible clasp and we’re currently working on having dozens of charms you can choose from. For now, we offer beautiful gems cut in-house and letter charms set on howlite or onyx. Fortunately, our manufacturing capabilities are endless allowing us to have creative freedom with our designs. 

      We are very excited for you all to have a sneak peak into the world of Riva New York. Our goal with this blog is to bring transparency to the jewelry industry, uplift new designers, and have a bit of fun. We hope you are enjoying following us through this journey!