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Shop our most popular necklace styles: featuring flat-edged paper clip chains that run the gamut from delicate to bold. We also added new necklaces featuring rounded paper clip chains, and a couple of recycled glass bead necklaces! Need chains with built-in charms? We have those, too!

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Our bracelet collection mainly comprises our signature styles made of the highly sought-after flat-wire paper clip chains, but we have since added new styles, including one fashioned from rounded-wire paper clip links, and even a striking curb chain bracelet. Also new for spring/summer 2022: a couple of charm bracelets, plus recycled glass bead bracelets to go with our Invisible Clasps!

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Invisible Clasps

These clasps are to be used as closure for our Wall Street chain necklaces or bracelets; or for our Cobble, Luna and Sunset recycled glass bead necklaces or bracelets. We call them “invisible” since they do not look like clasps at all—if anything, they’re statement pieces! Oh, and they double as charm holders, too!

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When we launched some two years ago, we were so focused on bracelets and necklaces that we left the rings in the back burner—but that changes from hereon out! We are finally giving rings the spotlight!

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Good news for fans of RIVA New York charms: we have expanded our charm collection to include themed charms and enameled charms! Of course, our signature script letter charms and the O.G. gemstone charms that you loved since the start are here to stay for a limited time.

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Our earring collection comprises our bestselling hoop earrings styles (in three different sizes, available in silver, yellow gold vermeil and 14K yellow gold), plus themed stud earrings that are sure to turn heads!

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Our most popular paper clip chain necklace and bracelet styles get a funky upgrade: cast in sterling silver, then plated in gold vermeil halfway through for a unique two-tone look. Most call it ombré, we call it awesome!

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Are you a square-edged paper clip chain kind of person, or are you partial to the softer look of the rounded-wire paper clip links? Or maybe you’re more a fan of the indomitable curb chain? Do you like your chain links chunky and bold, or dainty and whisper-thin…or somewhere in between? Whatever your fancy, RIVA New York has it!

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The most exciting new addition to RIVA New York's catalog? Our bead styles, of course! And these are not your regular beads: instead of going the gemstone route, we decided to go the ethical, environmentally conscious route by using fair trade artisanal recycled glass beads from the Krobo people of Ghana! Please take note that these bead necklaces and bracelets are "foundation" pieces, which means that if you purchase them standalone, they won't come with closures—you will have to pair each one with a RIVA New York Invisible Clasp.

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