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About Us

Jewelry that’s beautiful not just on the outside, but on the inside, too.

Our Vision

We See You, Shining

At RIVA New York, our goal is to create jewelry that is not only beautiful but also ethical, responsible, and attainable. Because you should be able to indulge in beautiful jewelry that’s kind to people and the environment. Because that’s what you care about. Because that’s how you want to shine. What's more, we design our jewelry with simplicity and transformability in mind, because we want you to have pieces that you can build around your personal style, and that you can revamp as your style evolves! We believe that your jewelry should enhance your style, not disguise it. Because you—not your jewelry—should be the star of the show!

Our Mission

Inspiration, Not Aspiration

For most of history, jewelry was inextricably linked to luxury, status and prestige, something that people aspired to have, or aspired to give. No one really cared about where the materials were from or how the pieces were made—as long as it glittered, people had to have it. But as consumers have become more and more conscious of their purchasing power, a radical shift has been made—now we see people going beyond their instinct for the tangible towards an instinct for the intangible. Suddenly, backstories matter, and compassion matters. In recent years an expository light has been shone on the dark side of the jewelry industry—the lack of transparency in terms of material sourcing, the preposterous markups, to name a few. RIVA New York is joining the movement to turn the whole jewelry experience on its head, with a commitment to ethical sourcing, sustainable manufacturing, and approachable pricing, without sacrificing quality. Our mission is not to make and sell jewelry that people aspire to have or to give. Our mission is to make and sell jewelry that people are inspired to have or to give.

Our Voice

Amplifying Ours to Amplify Yours

Apart from being a team of jewelry-makers, we are also a team of storytellers and creators. We pledge to use our talents and platform not only to promote our products, but also to support other like-minded brands and creators, to help spread awareness on the positive effects of veering away from fast fashion and crass consumerism. In our journey into becoming a 100% transparent brand, we like to say that there is no competition, only friends. A win for any brand/designer/creator trying to shift the industry towards more responsible practices is a win for all of us.

Our Brand

It’s Official: We’re Official

RIVA New York is an e-commerce fine and demi-fine jewelry brand based in Brooklyn, NY. Founded and run by a small team of creative visionaries and social impact champions, our vision is to create jewelry that is beautiful not just on the outside, but on the inside, as well—pieces that people are inspired to have or give, not just pieces that people aspire to have or give. RIVA New York is the direct-to-consumer offshoot of RIVA Precision, a venerable manufacturing institution that has been serving high-end designers, brands and retailers for more than three decades. By being under the same roof as our artisans, and with expert guidance from the leaders at RIVA Precision, we are able to ensure each piece is not only fairly priced (no middlemen markups here), but also ethically and responsibly made, and held to a high quality standard.

Our Values

You Gotta Stand Up for Something


We promise that you will always be able to see through everything we make and do. Open and honest communication is vital to our core.


You can count on us (and on our parent company’s 30+ years of experience in jewelry making) to bring exciting innovation to the table.


This is not stagecraft, this is pure intent: we want to leave the world better than we found it, and we want to encourage others to do the same.

Customer First

We are a small business and, as such, it is easy for us to be intimate with our customers. We treat everyone like family, and that’s a promise!


Like the melting pot of a city in which we operate, we embrace people from all walks of life—regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, religion, age, or any other qualities by which we may define ourselves.


At the heart of everything that we do is the fundamental belief that by uplifting those in our immediate communities, that impact is paid forward and passed on, and leads to faster positive change.

We are grateful that you are on this journey with us... we promise to make it a positive experience for you through and through!



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