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A Letter from Our Founder

"If you’re not excited to showcase the process behind your work, you shouldn't do it.”

After immigrating to Brooklyn at about my age, my Dad was introduced to jewelry manufacturing. Over the past 33 years, with indomitable work ethic, he built our family business, RIVA Precision Manufacturing, from the ground up into what it is todayBut, despite growing up in the jewelry industry, I never saw myself going into the profession myself. The luxury industry seemed cold, and the jewelry world looked elitist and inaccessible. The processes and people behind each precious piece were intentionally invisible to consumers. Instead, all that was shown were the designer, design, and price tag. I simply didn’t see where I could fit into this picture. But a few years ago, something clicked. I’ve always loved being creative, and have long been using my voice and skills as a content creator to drive change. In the jewelry industry, so much manufacturing and processing is done behind closed doors, and as a result many unethical practices go unnoticed and unquestioned. But my goal is to change that—through storytelling, education, and showing the faces behind the pieces we make, I hope we can bring humanity back to jewelry. In doing so, we can strongarm brands towards radical transparency, and in turn push the envelope for what is and isn’t acceptable. This is where I belong.

We started RIVA New York with a few thoughtful designs. My rule putting everything together was: “If you’re not excited to showcase the process behind your work, you shouldn't do it”. I absolutely love the pieces in our first collection, and am thrilled to show you how they are made and who they are made by. The people behind it, some of whom I’ve known for 10-20 years, will finally gain recognition for their work. In addition, I am so excited to build transparency into our materials, and share more about where and from whom we source. New York City is not an easy place to run a business—but if there’s one thing I love about this city is its ability to connect incredible, diverse people and minds. It’s our resilience, our community, and our ability to come together. Thank you for supporting our community at RIVA. I can’t wait to show you all that’s to come. 

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