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Zoom The Sunset bead bracelet from RIVA New York, made of orange recycled glass beads from the Krobo people of Ghana; needs to be paired with an Invisible Clasp
Zoom The RIVA New York Sunset bead bracelet is made of orange colored recycled glass beads from the Krobo people of Ghana, shown here with cushion shaped Invisible Clasp
Zoom The Sunset recycled glass bead bracelet from RIVA New York, worn with a cushion-shaped Invisible Clasp

Sunset Recycled Glass Bead Bracelet

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This vibrant recycled glass bead bracelet is for those who don’t mind letting their colorful style do the talking. It’s kind of like wearing the hues of a thousand sunsets on your wrist, and the vibe is reminiscent of carnelian. You’ll appreciate it more when you learn that the beads are threaded with a hammered double link chain in recycled sterling silver (most bead bracelets use plain wire), so even underneath it all there’s a touch of elegance! Please note that this is a “foundation” bracelet, meaning it has no closure the silver beads at the end hold jump rings for you to attach to a RIVA New York Invisible Clasp of your choice. Personalize it further with a RIVA New York charm! Comes in 4 different lengths. From RIVA New York’s Expression Collection.

At the moment, our Sunset recycled glass bead bracelets are made to order, so please allow up to two (2) weeks before your order is shipped. (But please welcome the surprise if we can get it to you faster than that!)

Please take note that although some or all of the photos on this product listing page show the bracelets with Invisible Clasps attached to them, the Clasps are NOT included in the list price displayed on here. We included the clasps in the photos for illustrative purposes only. You must purchase the Invisible Clasp of your choice separately.

  • Bead size: approximately 7mm (due to the organic shape of the glass beads, please expect slight variance in diameter)
  • Bead color: orange (due to the artisanal nature of the bead-making process, please expect slight variance in hues)
  • As with all handmade and small-batch items that feature artisanal components, no two pieces are exactly the same
  • Base chain: hammered double link chain in sterling silver
  • End beads: sterling silver, each attached to a jump ring for your Invisible Clasp
  • Everyday fun wear
  • Layer with chain bracelets to amp up the good vibes
  • Unisex/genderless
  • Comes in four (4) different lengths
  • Made by New Yorkers using recycled glass beads from the Krobo people in Ghana and high-quality recycled silver chain manufactured in our Brooklyn, NY, facility

Please take note that this is an open or “foundation” bead bracelet, which means that if you purchase it as is it won’t come with a closure–you will need to pair it with one of our signature Invisible Clasps in order to complete your piece. After adding this item to your Cart, you must continue shopping and navigate to our page of Invisible Clasps to select a clasp. Another option is to use our Build Your Own Bead Bracelet page so it’s easy for you to mix-and-match in one place! (If you already own an Invisible Clasp, then you may purchase this standalone item.)

Sunset Recycled Glass Bead Bracelet



Does this item/listing come with a clasp or closure?

No. Please take note that while some of the photos in this listing show the bead bracelet paired with an Invisible Clasp, this is for illustrative purposes only—the Clasp is not part of the listing. This listing is for the standalone string of beads that does not have a built-in closure (although it will have the bead ends and the jump rings); you will have to select an Invisible Clasp to go with it. To make it easy for you, we have created a Build Your Own Bead Bracelet page so you do not have to jump back and fort between our Shop pages and your Cart as you build your custom piece—and it’s super fun, so you should try it!

What are recycled glass beads? Where do RIVA New York's recycled glass beads come from?

Recycled glass beads are ornamental beads made from glass, often discarded bottles. The ones that RIVA New York uses for our recycled glass bead bracelets and necklaces are from the Krobo people, an ethnic group in Ghana, who make the beads by crushing discarded glass bottles into fine particles, which are then heat-treated and molded into beads using clay molds (a cassava leaf stem is used to make holes into the molded material). The Krobo people have been using this technique for many, many generations. Our supplier is the Santa Monica-based company The Bead Chest, who source directly from the artisans in Ghana.

What type of wire is used to thread RIVA New York's recycled glass bead necklaces and bracelets?

RIVA New York does not use wire to thread our recycled glass bead necklaces and bracelets. We use hammered double link chain in recycled sterling silver, made in-house in our Brooklyn, NY, facility.

More questions?

Head on over to our FAQs page where we answer frequently asked questions on the materials we use, jewelry care, shipping, returns, exchanges, etc! (If your question is product-specific or order-specific, e-mail it to and we will endeavor to get you an answer!)

Good to Know

Made by New Yorkers, Kinda

The recycled glass beads are from the wonderful Krobo people in Ghana, of course, but the chain component and the finished piece are assembled with tender loving care by talented team in our Brooklyn, NY, facility.

We Care

We are a small business and, as such, it is easy and important for us to be intimate with our customers. We treat everyone like family, and that’s a promise! Feel free to contact us if you have questions or if you need help, and we’ll be there (not literally, but you get the drift)!

Fair Pricing

There's no middleman here, since your RIVA New York pieces literally beeline from our benches to your shipping box, so you can rest assured that you won't see insane markups from us. One of our goals for 2025 is to be more transparent with our costs!

Empowering Ghanaian Artisans

Why Recycled Glass Beads?

When we started conceptualizing designs for bead necklaces and bead bracelets in the fall of 2021, we had onyx beads and white jade beads in the drawing board. That was the direction we were going to take: gemstone beads. But then as we did the rounds to look for these beads, we got confronted by a harsh reality: it was fiendishly difficult to find onyx and white jade that were traceable. Even when we approached ethical gem suppliers at the trade shows, nobody was offering onyx and white jade. So we decided to scrap the gemstone beads idea altogether, and luckily we were able to stumble upon a neat alternative: a supplier who could provide us with recycled glass beads! These Fair Trade glass beads are from the Krobo people of Ghana, who make the beads by crushing discarded glass bottles into fine particles, which are then heat-treated and molded into beads using clay molds. They have been using this technique for many generations. So as you wear your recycled glass bead piece from RIVA New York, remember that you are supporting meaningful income opportunities for artisans of the Krobo people and their families!

About the Collection

Express Yourself

RIVA New York’s Expression Collection aims to celebrate your personal style (and cement our shared commitment to sustainability) by offering modular pieces that you can put together to create something that is uniquely you—and then transform as your style evolves in the future. Click here to explore the entire collection. We also created a special Build Your Own Bead Necklace page so it's easier for you to design an Expression Collection piece that is uniquely yours—click here!


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