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Zoom Half-silver, half-vermeil paper clip chain bracelet from RIVA New York, a unique two-tone jewelry piece
Zoom RIVA New York's two-tone Astor paper clip chain bracelet
Zoom Model wearing RIVA New York's two-tone Astor paper clip chain bracelet

Two-Tone Astor Paper Clip Chain Bracelet

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Looking for an experimental and unique piece of jewelry that you can add to your daily rotation? Look no further than our Astor paper clip chain bracelet in two-tone! With never-goes-out-of-style medium-sized flat-edged paper clip links fashioned from flat, square-edged wire, we added an ombré twist to it—i.e., cast in sterling silver, and then plated in gold vermeil halfway through—to make it eye-catching and conversation-starting. Secures with a classic pear-shaped lobster claw clasp. Comes in five (5) different lengths.

At the moment, two-tone Astor bracelets are made to order, so please allow up to two (2) weeks before your order is shipped. (But please welcome the surprise if we can get it to you faster than that!).

  • Link size: 4.1 mm x 8.3 mm
  • Wire thickness: approximately 0.9 mm
  • Wire type: flat
  • Flat wire gives the paper clip links an edgier look (as opposed to the softer look of the paper clip links made from rounded wire)
  • Unique two-tone style; made in 925 silver, and then half the length is plated in gold vermeil
  • Modern minimalist style, with a surprise twist
  • Will definitely be a standout on its own, but also great as a layering piece
  • Unisex/genderless
  • Comes in five (5) different lengths
  • Finished necklace made by New Yorkers, using high-quality silver chain from Italy
  • This particular style is only available in silver or gold vermeil, and not in 14K gold

What is it about the paper clip chain that makes it sought after? Well, first of all, that silhouette strikes a chord: it takes you back to the days when you used to fashion DIY bracelets and necklaces using the humble office staple. The nostalgia! Second, they exude a very clean, modern look. Third, they make for the perfect foundation or base for attachables. Fourth, they are perfect for layering, regardless of the link size or wire thickness. Lastly, they look great in any length! 

This chain comes with a lobster claw clasp. If you are looking for a chain that you can pair with one of our Invisible Clasps, you’re looking for our Wall Street chain with the bigger links.

Two-Tone Astor Paper Clip Chain Bracelet



How did you achieve this two-tone look? Is it half gold, half silver?

No, this piece is not half gold, half silver. The entire piece is in 925 sterling silver. We just added gold vermeil plating to approximately half of the piece to get the two-tone look. By no means is the part plated in gold vermeil to be construed as solid gold.

What is the difference between a flat/square-edged paper clip chain link and a rounded one?

Rounded paper clip links are fashioned from round wire, giving off a softer look. Flat or square-edged paper clip links (like the ones that make up our Astor chains) are made from flattened wire with hard edges, for a more modern, edgier look.

Does RIVA New York make this paper clip chain in-house?

While we manufacture most of our chains in-house at our Brooklyn, NY, facility, the paper clip chain we use for our Astor necklaces and Astor bracelets is sourced from Italy. The finished necklaces and bracelets, however, are assembled by us! Gold vermeil plating is also done by us!

More questions?

Head on over to our FAQs page where we answer frequently asked questions on the materials we use, jewelry care, shipping, returns, exchanges, etc! (If your question is product-specific or order-specific, e-mail it to and we will endeavor to get you an answer!)

Good to Know

Fair Pricing

There's no middleman here, since your RIVA New York pieces literally beeline from our benches to your shipping box, so you can rest assured that you won't see insane markups from us. One of our goals for 2025 is to be more transparent with our costs!

Standout Style

A lot of our customers who own this piece have reached out to us (via Instagram DMs or e-mail) telling us about how their item has received lots of ooohs and aaahs from their friends and family! We love to hear it!

A Staff Favorite

This piece is definitely one of our favorites here at RIVA New York. Some of the folks in our team own this piece and wear it everyday like second skin! We especially love the gold vermeil version of this piece. We love the two-tone version, too!

Best of Both Worlds

The Two-Tone Look is Hot Right Now

Well, it's been hot ever since mixing metals in jewelry design was discovered, and who knows how far back we’re talking? All we know is that mixing yellow gold and white gold in one design has always made for a standout, eye-catching fine jewelry piece… And now we’re bringing that parlance to demi-fine jewelry territory by mixing sterling silver and gold vermeil in one piece! So now you don’t have to choose between one look or the other! Brilliant or what? 

We See You, Shining!

Protect That Shine

As much as we love the look of sterling silver, it does have some pitfalls. Unfortunately, silver is known to tarnish from exposure to oxygen and moisture over time. And although tarnish can be avoided by cleaning, and removed by polishing, we at RIVA use a more proactive solution: rhodium plating! The chemical properties of rhodium make it ideal for adding a protective coat around silver pieces. The hard exterior makes your piece of silver jewelry piece more resistant to scratches or tarnishing, and adds a brighter shine! Click here to learn more about rhodium plating.


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