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Zoom Cushion-shaped Invisible Clasps for jewelry, comes in plain, textured and enamel versions, only from RIVA New York
Zoom The cushion-shaped Invisible Clasp by RIVA New York in sterling silver, used as necklace closure
Zoom The cushion-shaped Invisible Clasp by RIVA New York in 14K yellow gold, used as bracelet closure
Zoom Cushion shaped jewelry clasps with pushgate from RIVA New York, available in 14K recycled yellow gold
Zoom Cushion shaped jewelry clasps with pushgate from RIVA New York, available in silver and gold vermeil

Cushion-Shaped Invisible Clasp

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Clasps are used as chain closures, and here at RIVA New York, instead of hiding them, we’ve turned them into the star of the show! Just so we’re clear: we call them Invisible Clasps not because they’re meant to be hiddenthe “invisible” refers to the incognito push closure, so people can barely tell they’re clasps. This cushion-shaped beauty, with its rounded corners, add a touch of softness to your Wall Street chain bracelet or necklace, or your recycled glass bead bracelet or necklace. You may also add a charm or two! From RIVA New York’s Expression Collection.

At the moment, Invisible Clasps are made to order, so please allow up to two (2) weeks before your order is shipped. (But please welcome the surprise if we can get it to you faster than that!)

  • Dimensions: 13mm x 13mm, with a thickness of approximately 2.47 mm
  • The linchpin of modular jewelry
  • Use as a closure for your Wall Street chain or your Cobble, Luna or Sunset bead necklace or bracelet
  • Can also hold charms and other connectors (stack two Invisible Clasps together why not?)
  • Rounded corners give off a soft, romantic look
  • Choose from high-polish, textured (snakeskin), enameled
  • Made by New Yorkers using ethically sourced and recycled materials, so it’s a piece you can be proud of

Gone are the days when clasps could only be filed under jewelry findings. We have reshaped them, embellished them, gave form to their function—and so now they have become statement pieces all their own. What makes RIVA New York’s Invisible Clasps stand out is their locking mechanism: a barely-there push closure that snaps open and shut ever so smoothly and ever so swifty, not only for a seamless look but also to promote easy assembly of your modular jewelry piece! We patented this functionality, by the way, which adds to the cool factor, don’t you think?

Please take note that this listing is for a standalone Invisible Clasp. You will need to pair it with a RIVA New York foundation or base chain. After adding the Invisible Clasp of your choice to your cart, you must continue shopping and add our Wall Street chain necklace or bracelet (or a our Cobble, Luna or Sunset bead necklace or bracelet) to your cart to complete your piece. You may add a charm, too! Another option is to use our Build Your Own Necklace or Bracelet platforms so it’s easy for you to mix-and-match in one place! (If you already own a foundation or base chain from RIVA New York, then you may purchase your Clasp as a standalone item.)

Cushion-Shaped Invisible Clasp



Why is it called an Invisible Clasp?

We actually get asked this a lot, especially via Instagram DMs! “Why is it called an Invisible Clasp when we can clearly see it?” Well, we do not mean that the whole piece is invisible, obviously! By “invisible,” we mean the push-closure is incognito or barely-there, so to the untrained eye it will look like a solid link and not a clasp! We hope that clears things up!

Which chains work with these Invisible Clasps?

Our Invisible Clasps work with the foundation paper clip chains in our Expression Collection: namely, the Wall Street Necklace chain and the Wall Street Bracelet chain. Their links (and end links) are sizable enough to act as anchors for the Invisible Clasps. Note that our Cobble, Luna and Sunset bead necklaces/bracelest are also meant to be paired with Invisible Clasps, since they have rings at the ends. If you are planning to use a RIVA New York Invisible Clasp with your own chain, make sure the end links are large enough to fit the clasp.

Can I customize my enamel color for my clasp?

You can choose between the 5 enamel colors that we have available! Unfortunately, we will not be able to offer enamel colors outside of the 5 colors that we offer. At least not at this time!

More questions?

Head on over to our FAQs page where we answer frequently asked questions on the materials we use, jewelry care, shipping, returns, exchanges, etc! (If your question is product-specific or order-specific, e-mail it to and we will endeavor to get you an answer!)

Good to Know

Ingenious Engineering

Because we have the backing of our parent company who boasts decades of experience in product development and jewelry manufacturing, you can rest assured that the mechanisms featured in this piece is a masterclass in jewelry innovation.

Made by New Yorkers

This piece is made with tender loving care by talented artisans in our Brooklyn, NY, facilities. A crew so diverse it reflects the melting pot of a city in which we operate—and who have more than 200 years of combined experience in jewelry making!

Two-Week Lead Time

RIVA New York does not keep this item in stock most of the time. Mass production (or flow production) is not in our parlance. In an effort to reduce waste, we are all about small batch production. Please allow two weeks for delivery of your piece!

Let's Do Our Part

Why Recycled Materials?

RIVA New York makes these Invisible Clasps using recycled metals. Especially for the ethical consumer in you! By making a conscious decision to purchase and/or wear jewelry that is made from ethically sourced and recycled materials, you are showing respect and empathy not just towards artisans, but towards the planet, as well; and you are doing your part in putting a stop to illegal and/or child labor, unsafe working conditions and unfair labor practices. Click here to read up on RIVA New York’s commitment to ethical sourcing and recycling.

About the Collection

Express Yourself

RIVA New York’s Expression Collection aims to celebrate your personal style (and cement our shared commitment to sustainability) by offering modular pieces that you can put together to create something that is uniquely you—and then transform as your style evolves in the future. Click here to explore the entire collection. We also created special Build Your Own Necklace/Bracelet pages so it's easier for you to design an Expression Collection piece that is uniquely yours—click here!


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