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One (Awesome) Chain Necklace, Five Distinct Necklines

Many of you are loving our paper clip chain necklaces. Out of all of the styles and sizes we offer, it's the Wall Street chain—the boldest one—that has been getting a lot of action in your shopping cart! It doesn’t take a genius to see why this style in particular is your favorite: it offers a clean, geometric minimalist look, yet is chunky enough for maximal impact. Some necklaces are meant to sit subtly around the wearer's neck, silently complementing their outfit—but the Wall Street is not one to take a backseat!

Some of you may be thinking: Yes, sure it’s pretty... but is it versatile? Well, yes! Allow us to demonstrate that a chunky chain can go with just about any type of neckline. We list 5 of the most challenging ones here, to show that this chain can lend endless styling opportunities no matter your outfit. So whether you are going for an everyday, casual look, or dressing for a night out, trust RIVA New York’s signature chain to bring extra dimension to your look!

Mock Neck

These tops (sometimes called mock turtlenecks) can be tricky. Because the neckline is at such an awkward length (i.e., midway between your collarbone and your chin, unlike the true turtleneck that goes up to your jawline), it is easy for necklaces—the clasp part, in particular—to ride up and get snagged along its edges/hem. But with our Wall Street chain, you won’t have this problem: the sheer weight of the chain will keep the necklace in place (as long as you're not dancing around, of course)! These tops are seen as conservative garments—think Audrey Hepburn!—and that is why they are usually associated with pearls. But our Wall Street necklace works perfectly with a mock neck, giving off a little edge without eclipsing the top’s demure factor!

Pair a RIVA Paper Clip Chain Necklace with a Mock Turtleneck top

Vest Top

Stylistically, vest tops go very well with choker-style necklaces. (Janet Jackson in the ‘90s, anyone?) The point of the plunging neckline is to show some skin, so to cover that up with long necklaces is completely missing the point. Which is why choker-length or shorter necklaces work best for these kinds of tops. Our Wall Street chain adds a bold pop of shimmer, drawing the eye up to the neck without taking away from the garment’s neckline. You never want the neckline to fight with the chain. They must complement each other!

Pair a RIVA Paper Clip Chain Choker with a Vest Top


Your first impulse when wearing a dainty, lacy top like this cami is to keep it delicate when accessorizing. But we are here to disabuse you of that notion. Dainty necklace with dainty top? Yes, that works. But going for a bolder necklace will create styling magic! As you can see here, the juxtaposition of the edgy and feminine makes for a very unique and eye-catching look.

Pairing a RIVA Paper Clip Chain Necklace with a romantic cami top


The one-shoulder (sometimes called a uni-shoulder) top can be difficult to style jewelry with, because you don't want to take away from the whole point of the top. One-shoulder tops are often worn to accentuate your shoulders and collarbones, so we tend to leave jewelry out of the equation. But the Wall Street chain, although a little chunky, is minimalist enough to leave room for your features to be the stars of the show.

Pair a RIVA Paper Clip Chain Necklace with a Uni-Shoulder Top


Crewnecks are viewed as conservative, with an everyday go-to vibe. We rarely think of accessorizing when we’re wearing crewnecks because we’re thinking: Most jewelry gets hidden underneath this neckline, right, so why bother? But crewnecks deserve some love… So why not try a choker-length paper clip chain? It hugs your neck and sits perfectly right above the neckline, giving the top the extra spice it desperately needs!

Pairing the versatile RIVA Paper Clip Chain Necklace with a casual crewneck sweater

We hope you enjoyed this blog post as much as we loved putting it together! We will be posting more styling tips in the coming weeks/months, but if there is a particular style topic you would like for us to address, feel free to shoot us an e-mail:

By the way, just in case you're wondering: the Wall Street necklace that we used for these photos is secured with one of our cushion-shaped Invisible Clasps (as many of you might already know, the Wall Street chains do not have closures; you will need to pair your Wall Street piece with one of RIVA New York’s signature Invisible Clasps).


Article by Chloe Tribe

Photographed by Xavier Messado

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