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Zoom Wall Street paper clip chain bracelet in recycled yellow gold 14K, from RIVA New York
Zoom Sarah Lynne in RIVA New York's Wall Street paper clip chain bracelet in silver
Zoom Chloe Nicole in RIVA New York's Wall Street paper clip chain bracelet in silver
Zoom Wall Street paper clip chain bracelet in recycled sterling silver, from RIVA New York

Wall Street Paper Clip Chain Bracelet

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Paper clip chain bracelet featuring high-polish heavyset square-edged links for a modern, geometric look. This is a “foundation” bracelet chain, meaning it has no closure—you will need to pair with one of RIVA New York’s signature Invisible Clasps. Personalize it further with a RIVA New York Gemstone Charm or Letter Charm from the Expression Collection! Comes in Gold Vermeil, Sterling Silver and 14K Yellow Gold, in five (5) different lengths.

At the moment, Wall Street bracelets are made to order, so please allow up to two (2) weeks before your order is shipped. (But please welcome the surprise if we can get it to you faster than that!)

  • Link size: 5.9 mm x 15.6 mm
  • Wire thickness: 1.42 mm
  • Wire type: flat or square-edged
  • Modern minimalist style, but chunky links lend maximal impact
  • Highly personalizable: choose your clasp, add a letter charm or a gemstone charm (for a truly incognito clasp, choose the Flat Paper Clip Clasp in the same material as your bracelet)
  • Unisex/genderless
  • Comes in five (5) different lengths
  • Made by New Yorkers using ethically sourced and recycled materials, so it’s a piece you can be proud of

Please take note that this is an open or “foundation” chain, which means that if you purchase it as is it won’t come with a closure—you will need to pair it with one of our signature Invisible Clasps in order to complete your piece. After adding this item to your Cart, you must continue shopping and navigate to our page of Invisible Clasps to select a clasp. Another option is to use our Build Your Own Chain Bracelet page so it’s easy for you to mix-and-match in one place! (If you already own an Invisible Clasp, then you may purchase this standalone item.) 

Wall Street Paper Clip Chain Bracelet



What is a foundation chain?

We call this a foundation chain (we sometimes refer to it as a base chain in other areas of our Website) because it is the foundation of a RIVA New York Expression Collection bracelet. You get to choose an Invisible Clasp for it, and then you get to add a charm (optional)–so you end up with a piece that is uniquely you! A foundation chain does not have a closure, as you can see in some of the photos here. That is simply because the Invisible Clasp that you select to go with it will serve as its closure. To make it easy for you, we have created a Build Your Own Chain Bracelet page so you do not have to jump back and forth between our Shop pages and your Cart as you build your custom piece—and it’s super fun, so you should try it!

What is recycled gold? Is every 14K gold piece from RIVA New York made of recycled gold?

Recycled gold, sometimes referred to as reclaimed gold, is gold made from old jewelry (or gold bars or coins), and discarded electrical and electronic equipment. The gold is melted down, refined (and re-refined) until all impurities and metals are removed, and the gold goes back to its most pure form. Gold can be recycled with very little to no degradation, and so purchasing/owning jewelry made from recycled gold is a very smart and sustainable approach. Yes, every 14K gold piece from RIVA New York is made of 100% recycled gold. We purchase recycled gold from SCS-certified suppliers; we also recycle gold from old jewelry and jewelry scraps.

What is gold vermeil?

Gold vermeil is a type of high-end gold plating. Gold vermeil is more hypoallergenic because it uses a thicker layer of gold (at least 2.5 microns thick) compared to regular gold plating. Gold vermeil is a more affordable alternative to solid gold pieces.

More questions?

Head on over to our FAQs page where we answer frequently asked questions on the materials we use, jewelry care, shipping, returns, exchanges, etc! (If your question is product-specific or order-specific, e-mail it to and we will endeavor to get you an answer!)

Good to Know

Made by New Yorkers

This piece is made with tender loving care by our talented artisans in our Brooklyn, NY, facilities. A crew so diverse it reflects the melting pot of a city in which we operate—and who have more than 200 years of combined experience in jewelry making!

Highly Customizable

This is a foundation chain that is part of RIVA New York's Expression Collection, so it is highly customizable! Add the Invisible Clasp of your choice (we have 5 shapes, plus each shape has different variations), and then add a charm or two! Unleash your inner designer!

A Customer Favorite

We have received rave reviews and testimonials from customers who currently own this item! Music to our ears every time! If they love it, who's to say you're not gonna love it, too! (Please refer to our Home page for testimonials/reviews.)

Let's Do Our Part

Why Ethically Recycled Materials?

RIVA New York makes this chain using recycled metals. Especially for the ethical consumer in you! By making a conscious decision to purchase and/or wear jewelry that is made from ethically sourced and recycled materials, you are showing respect and empathy not just towards artisans, but towards the planet, as well; and you are doing your part in putting a stop to illegal and/or child labor, unsafe working conditions and unfair labor practices. Click here to read up on RIVA New York’s commitment to ethical sourcing and recycling.

About the Collection

Express Yourself

RIVA New York’s Expression Collection aims to celebrate your personal style (and cement our shared commitment to sustainability) by offering modular pieces that you can put together to create something that is uniquely you—and then transform as your style evolves in the future. Click here to explore the entire collection. We also created a special Build Your Own Chain Bracelet page so it's easier for you to design an Expression Collection piece that is uniquely yours—click here!


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