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Kerrhyn: Slow Fashion in Action

RIVA New York has a special spot in our hearts for Kerrhyn. After stumbling upon her page on TikTok and seeing what she stands for, we quickly realized she is exactly the kind of young entrepreneur we want to support. Kerrhyn started her brand in the spring of 2021 and it's amazing how quickly it has grown. What sets her apart is her ingenuity in dealing with the fashion industry. By mixing different fabric types, designs, and even extra scraps, she creates beautifully unique garments. As of now, her designs reflect a grungy avant-basic look. Mesh has been her latest obsession, adding that Y2K flare! When it comes to sizing, Kerrhyn is very inclusive. Her offering ranges from double XS to 4XL, and her DMs on Instagram are open for custom sizing as well!

The RIVA New York blog features young New York-based designer Kerrhyn
Her inspiration flows from many different avenues. When we asked her who she admires, she shared: “Paloma Lanna, Barbara Potts and Sunny Williams. These designers all use sustainable practices, which is something I really kept on top of mind when I was creating my clothing brand! The way they envision things to help me and others put designs and fashion into a different, slower, perspective is amazing! Not only do their bright colors and patterns look beautiful, but it’s inspiring knowing the processes behind them!”

RIVA New York silver chain bracelets, Kerrhyn uni-shoulder top
RIVA New York prides itself on being an ethical jewelry company. As we developed our brand, we emphasized the importance of working with people who share similar values. Kerrhyn, at only 18-years-old during the time of this interview, has made a choice to go the sustainable route and help educate youth around her on the importance of ethical fashion choices. From her last collection, we set out to style the Aranha top. This top is made from four way stretch polyester spandex, and to reduce extra waste every piece is made to order. This means there is a slight turnover time from when you place your order to its arrival. Once we received our top, everything down to the packaging was absolutely perfect. We paired it with black denim flare-cut jeans and red studded boots. To tie it all together, we added a striking red eye look. The bright red mesh details of the top gives this look so much dimension. When styling, we were most excited to work with such a cute neckline. The one-shoulder cut allowed our Wall Street and Chelsea chains to really stand out against the black and white tones of the top. (Click here to see our previous article on how we styled our Wall Street necklace with 5 different necklines). Then we chose our Carabiner clasp to go along with the chain to give this look an elegant yet edgy touch. The wrists we kept simple, stacking our TriBeCa and SoHo bracelets; both in sterling silver (although we no longer offer these styles in silver). Of course we couldn’t leave out earrings! The Classic and Baby hoops go so well together! If your ears are double pierced then definitely consider this duo.

Celina Mylene Santana in a Kherryn top and RIVA New York jewelry
This was such a fun style shoot to conduct and we are excited to have made such a wonderful connection with Kerrhyn. She is currently working on a contemporary collection that will be launching in the upcoming months. There will be some celebrity collaborations this year, as well, so keep your eyes peeled and be a part of this amazing brand's growth! RIVA New York is proud to be working with such talented people, and growing together as we go.


Article and photos by Chloe Tribe

Model: Actress/dancer Celina Mylene Santana

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