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Meet the Team

Founder & Chief Creative Officer


Rebecca was born and raised in NYC and has a passion for storytelling, mutual aid, and good food. When not at work, you can find her trying all the newest vegan restaurants, filling community fridges, or creating content about food or NYC's rich history. She loves the amazing opportunities to showcase the people and sourcing behind jewelry manufacturing that RIVA New York allows her.

Rebecca's Favorite Things

Favorite Item to Thrift

"There's nothing like finding a good '80s-silhouette pair of jeans while thrifting."

Favorite Animal

"Bunnies! They'd be the perfect pet if they didnt poop everywhere." 

Favorite Food

"Rice and beans! As the resident vegan, I feel like this one is self-explanatory."

Favorite Food # 2

"Crusty bread. I feel like I don't need to explain this one either. "

Favorite Flower

"Sunflowers. They never fail to make me smile."

Favorite Daily Uniform

"Button-downs! I'm not sure when I became a button-down girlie, but I'm enjoying it."

Digital Marketing Associate


Quinton is a multimedia designer and artist hailing from Delaware.  Starting out as a fine artist, Quinton pivoted to graphic design and illustration in college, where he learned how to use his artistic sensibilities to find creative solutions. Now a New Yorker and an integral part of the RIVA New York family, he works on everything and anything visual, from 3D renders of products, designing jewelry, illustrations for the Website (like the ones you see on here) and everything in between. Check out his art on Instagram: @kruelwrld.

Quinton's Favorite Things

Favorite Food

"It doesn’t get much better than a bowl of authentic ramen with all the fixins. I love to cook and recently learned how to make my own 36-hour tonkotsu broth. But I can still hook up a classic pack of instant ramen."

Favorite Guitarist

"TBH, I wouldn’t say he’s my favorite, but you’d be hard-pressed to find someone more versatile. George Benson can lay down a funky groove or turn your head around with some introspective sprawling jazz guitar. If you get the chance check out 'Breezin,' 'El Mar' and 'Love X Love'…you’re welcome."

Favorite Art Form

"I love 3D design. It kind of takes all the barriers away and what you’re left with is the nexus of creation. You can quite literally create anything with 3D."

Favorite Movie

"It’s good as hell. Am I blinded by nostalgia? Yes. Do I care? No."

Favorite Hobby

"The first year I lived here I had an apprenticeship at Black Ink Tattoo, and it was lovely. Since then I’ve been pursuing tattooing in my own time, tattooing myself and friends whenever I get the chance."

Favorite Rapper

"Kid Cudi has been there through a lot of rough times... hmmmm... hmmmm... hmmmm..."

Content Creator


Hannah is the Content Creator for RIVA New York. She is a Public Relations graduate from Utah Valley University, and moved to New York from Salt Lake City in pursuit of using her creativity in the fashion/beauty industry. Prior to joining RIVA New York, she worked as a social media coordinator and freelance videographer. Working alongside Rebecca, she shoots and edits the content shared on our social media platforms.

Hannah's Favorite Things

Favorite Pastime

"I love flying and traveling! I almost became a flight attendant, but I moved to NYC instead!"

Favorite Record

"My current favorite album is Baby Keem’s The Melodic Blue, but I didn’t know that when I told Quinton that my favorite album is Kanye’s Graduation. Don’t tell him."

Favorite Food

"Pasta. Any shape, size, flavor—I don’t discriminate."

Favorite Vegetable

"Potatoes. A potato can be anything it wants—baked, mashed, roasted, hashbrowns, fries… endless possibilities."

Favorite Animal

"Small dogs > big dogs."

Favorite Gadget

"Ever since the Flip camera came out circa 2006, I have had an affinity for cameras."

Marketing Manager


Angelo has worn many hats throughout his career—editor, writer, stylist, photographer, set decorator, creative director—and he wears all those hats and more for RIVA New York. He takes (and styles) all of our e-commerce photos, lookbook photos, some of our social media photos; and he writes most of our product and collection descriptions (and will be writing some of our blog articles, too). He is also our de facto sustainability and social responsibility champion, and, on behalf of the team, attends conferences/seminars and does research on ethical and responsible jewelry practices to ensure RIVA New York is keeping up with and/or staying ahead of these transformative shifts and opportunities.

Angelo's Favorite Things

Favorite Record

"Right now it's Sarah Vaughan Sings George Gershwin from 1958. It's the first thing I play in the morning when I'm making breakfast, and the last thing I listen to before I go to bed at night."

Favorite New Yorker

"The indomitable Fran Lebowitz, of course! It's crazy because everyone loves her now, after seeing her on that Netflix show... And I'm, like, 'That's my Fran!' Loved her since, like, forever!"

Favorite Musical

"This is a tough one because there's a whole bunch. But I gotta say right now it's Girl from the North Country that's on top of my list. Mare Winningham is amazing in it."

Favorite Bagel

"Zabar's, of course! What's annoying is they've been closing the Upper West Side stations with alarming regularity... But I'm still going to Zabar's, even if that means by foot!"

Favorite Magazine

"The New Yorker. Been reading it since I was, like, 11-years-old. Nothing makes me happier than coming home every Tuesday and the latest issue is in my mailbox waiting for me."

Favorite Photographic Film

"Trusty old Fujicolor PRO 400H takes the cake for me. I love the colors—not overly saturated. The contrast is just right. And not hard to find at all! Kodak GT 800-5 is a runner-up."


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